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​Hi, my name is David. Welcome to my site. Thanks for stopping by.

I was first introduced to LifeWave in mid-December 2019.  Like everyone should be, I was skeptical but hopeful. I had to try the patches out on myself to see what would happen. Well folks, here is my story….

Could You Use….

More Health and Vitality

Fast Acting Pain Management

Increased Energy and Endurance

A Strong Immune System

Improved Strength and Flexibility

Reduced Stress

Enhanced Quality of Sleep

Improved Skin Health

Help with Weight Loss


Clients say about us


‘I don’t wake up groggy anymore!’

Ever since I can remember as a child, I’ve always been a “sleep hog”. In other words, if I had the opportunity to sleep 9-10 hours a night, I’d easily do that! After going through medical school and residency and experiencing severe sleep deprivation, I always woke up groggy no matter how much sleep I got. The first night I used X39™, I noticed a profound depth of sleep that was “new” to me. Now after 7 months of regular use, not only are my old surgical scars completely softened, I notice that I am consistently waking up before my alarm. That almost NEVER happened in the past. In fact, it seems that I don’t need 10, 9 or even 8 hours of sleep any longer! I’ve been waking up each morning alert and ready to go! No more grogginess. Wow! For me that is a miracle!




‘The pain finally went away with the X39™’

I’ve been in Europe on a biking tour (270 miles) from Prague to Budapest. Just got back last week. I have had lower back/hip issues since last Thanksgiving and have had adjustments to prolozone injections which helped improve up to 60%. The lingering pain finally went away adding the X-39 patch within two weeks. I was concerned how my back was going to get during the biking trip and it didn’t bother me at all other than tightness. It was one of our favourite trips. So I was really happy I didn’t have back/hip issues.





“For 6 month I have had right knee trouble, some menisci issues, really painful and a lot of swelling. It was getting better slowly with less pain and less    swelling. I put the X 39 patch directly on the knee and I can verify that it is a     lot better and healing curve is faster. After 2 weeks the pain had eased of and      I could put more and more weight on the leg. Now after 4 weeks my knee is stronger and I am climbing the stairs and bicycling without any problem. I am  still putting it on to make sure that the cartilage will heal profoundly. Thank      you ever  so much for  X39”


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