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David AspinwallI’m 70 this year. In June 2018 I ruptured the L3 – L4 disk in my lower back. The pain was a 10 out of 10 from my waist to my toes. I was taking Oxycontin 5 times a day for 6 weeks just to survive. An effective but horrible drug. After that, many NSAIDs for the pain. I tried lots of chiropractic adjustments, special core exercises (boy did that hurt), special vitamins, Dr Gundry’s Plant Paradox diet to heal my leaky gut (caused by the heavy use of NSAIDs). I needed to get my body in great shape so my injured back could heal. I had to reduce, then quit the NSAIDS.

In the beginning all I could do was lay on my stomach, stand and walk around. Can you imagine not being able to sit or lay on your sides or back at all for more than eight months? I would walk around all day until I couldn’t stand any longer then lay down. I put a foam pad in the back of our SUV. I would lay on it and my wife would drive me to my IT customers. I would slide out the back, fix my customer’s issues then crawl back into the car and go to the next job. I was beginning to wonder how I was going to get through this.

I researched back surgery. What I found wasn’t very promising. The people I talked to have had some relief, but the risks were large. Because of the progress I had already made, the surgeon I consulted in early 2019 at Emory Spine Clinic in Atlanta suggested I try to let my body heal naturally. He said if things didn’t improve, or I got worse, to contact him again. Not what I wanted to hear, but it turned out to be the correct thing to do. I went through very slow but steady progress.

After about 14 months, I got to the point where I could sit for about an hour or so before the pain got so bad that I needed to get up and walk around. I was still in constant 24/7 pain at a 3-5 level but no longer the 10 plus from a year earlier. I was beginning to feel that I could survive this without surgery. During the fall of 2019 my healing seemed to have plateaued. I had been researching stem cells for more than a year and taking a supplement to help them grow.

Then, on December 16th, 2019 I was introduced to and started using IceWave patches for pain relief and the X39 stem cell patch to heal. When I first put on the IceWave patches, I thought maybe I could feel a little improvement, but wasn’t sure. It was when I took them off that night that I realized they indeed were helping. You put the patches on then take them off every 12 hours to maximize their effectiveness.

I started experimenting with placement of IceWave. Because of the nature of my injury I figured the protocol of bracketing the spot on my back that hurt the worst would be the correct thing to do. In my case sticking them on the bottom of my feet as instructed was a much better position for pain relief. After just 4 weeks of using the patches the pain was reduced by about 80%. Then, one night for the first time in 18 months I was pain free all night. During the next few weeks my pain level was about a one or two during the day depending on what I had to do for work. At night in bed the level has been a one or less. After more experimentation with the different positions, I have found that the best results so far are putting the IceWave patches on my back above the shoulder blades. This works within seconds and has kept my daytime level around a one and virtually none at night.


Now after 14 weeks, as the X39 patch has been doing it’s work, I find I don’t even need to use the IceWave patches on most days. As a good example of my improvement, last week while sequestered at home, I installed an oak floor in our upstairs master bedroom suite. I spent three days moving the furniture, removing the base boards, installing the flooring, replacing the base boards and furniture. Not bad for a getting older guy with back issues.

The surgeon said studies show that after four years people who have the surgery and those that don’t will have the same quality of life. I am more than two years ahead of that timeline. Probably because of the extreme nature of my injury it took a while to get a large improvement. As you will see in the following pages many people get rapid results. This is amazing technology. If you are patient and consistent in using the patches, you too should get the desired results. The future is definitely brighter now!


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